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Our Story: How Your Newest Local Pilates Studio Came About!

Bringing Personalized Fitness to all in the Long Beach Community.

Article by John Grossi from LB 908

Still looking for a Fitness and Pilates studio in Long Beach that fits YOUR body type and YOUR goals?

Makai Fitness and Pilates Studio is created different from other Pilates studios in Long Beach. Whether you have never tried Pilates before, or are a seasoned vet, the highly trained and personalized nature of Makai Fitness is designed to transform your life and fitness goals.

Makai Fitness is a labor of love – for Pilates, Yoga, fitness of all kinds, and people. They are dedicated to delivering supportive, educated, and conscientious programming that inspires participants as well as each other. Their instructor community is founded on support and collaboration, so that they raise the expectations for each other and embrace their similarities and shine with their individuality. Conscious, creative and safe is the expectation.

Makai was created and founded by Eden Paul, with Ryan Sweeney by her side every step of the way. Nearly 30 years apart in age, the two have a common goal: to bring the best possible option of Pilates and wellness to the most people in Long Beach they can reach. Both are credentialed and certified, with a people-first approach that has the potential to help many clients through a small-class, individualized environment.

They are located in a beautiful, airy upstairs space on 4th St. and Junipero, where they are joined by other local wellness businesses. Makai operates through collaboration by a team of locals in the fitness community.

A Match Made in the Community

Owner, Eden Paul, has been a personal trainer, fitness educator, group fitness instructor, and STOTT Pilates certified instructor in Long Beach for over 30 years. As a leader in her industry, Eden has taken the step to create this studio after spending decades within other facilities. Her community was the inspiration to take the leap and open the studio within the 4th Street Corridor.

“This has been an amazing experience - to build this studio over the past 11 months,” Eden said, right before officially opening in September 2022. “My community of clients literally found this location and presented the opportunity to me, and it worked out!”

And because her community created this opportunity for her, Eden cares greatly about delivering a studio that is exactly what the community needs.

Her first step was bringing aboard Ryan Sweeney, already well versed in managing and teaching. Eden and Ryan met while both were working at Iconix Fitness in Long Beach. The two formed an immediate bond. Ryan shares the sentiment that many of Eden’s clients’ share.

When it comes to career, fitness, and pretty much anything else - “She always seems to know what’s best for me even when I don’t!” said Ryan.

Eden has a background in all types of fitness, from strength training to cardio, and has taught in almost every environment. In addition to helping clients with their fitness goals, she has also made a career out of helping clients organize their lives physically and emotionally through her life-coaching services. The Makai Fitness Studio combines all the services Eden has always offered clients, while exploiting her secret ingredient to success: certified, knowledgeable, and personalized training, designed to meet you where you are at and succeed.

The Difference in STOTT Pilates

Fully certified with STOTT Pilates, Eden Paul also holds a certification of Instructor Trainer for STOTT Pilates out of Canada. That means Eden is not only one of the best teachers internationally, but she is also a teacher of teachers when it comes to training for STOTT Pilates.

STOTT Pilates combines the fundamentals of traditional Pilates with modern bio-mechanical principles, intense anatomy training, and modern movement concepts. The result is the best possible training regimen for ALL types of people with ALL types of goals and specialty needs.

STOTT Pilates combines body and mind in a way that helps maximize performance; deliver strength and results; improves posture and balance; and minimizes injuries. Creating longevity and enhanced performance for all clients.

“Once you start doing this style of Pilates, you become so in-tune with how your muscles move and how your body works, you change to move with intention,” said Ryan Sweeney, a certified instructor with Pilates and Yoga specialties.

Eden talks about the beautiful nature of her students connecting with their own bodies, each at their own pace, during class. “You are right here, right now, making mindful movements, you are in the moment.”

Highly Personalized Movement

The result of the intensive training that Eden, Ryan, and the other instructors are required to undergo means that their Pilates classes are easily adaptable to meet each client “where they’re at,” according to Eden.

“We have just six V2Max reformers (pieces of equipment) on purpose,” said Eden. “With six or less in each class we can make sure everyone is making progress at their own pace with modifications to intensify or adapt to each exercise. In addition, our small classes allow us to enhance the experience and support each client. This allows our clients to experience the benefits quicker.”

Included among Eden’s long-time clients are physical therapists, doctors, athletes, and celebrities, all of whom appreciate the personal care given to their fitness regimen. Makai is a studio with a teaching style that is traditional in base and woven with other facets of fitness. This required a detailed training of anatomy, fitness, STOTT Pilates and any other unique experience the instructor has.

This personalization and focus on the individual in each class, is what sets Makai apart from other reformer Pilates studios. “We are proud of the work we do, and we are confident that we provide the best Pilates experience for our clients – returning and brand new,” says Ryan.

Investing In Your Health

Ryan Sweeney, still in her 20’s, is excited to help expose Eden’s knowledge and wisdom in fitness to younger people and newcomers in Long Beach. “This type of Pilates can benefit so many aspects of your life whether young or older… intentional movement, mobility, and mind-body connection improves your physical health for years to come!” said Ryan.

Ryan reminds those interested in trying Makai that they have a “Newbie Package,” which includes a personal introduction to the Pilates Reformer equipment and an evaluation of the client’s current abilities and goals as it relates to Pilates. Reformer Essentials – a beginner class and several classes with distinct focus are also available.

Makai offers classes that include Reformer Mix, Reformer Cardio Mix, Reformer Sculpt, Reformer Flow, and even pop-up event yoga classes! Various packages are available to get your Pilates practice going. Depending upon how many classes you purchase at a time or per month, the per-class price ranges from $30-$45.

Also offered are one-on-one private sessions in 25 min or 50 min sessions – rates vary from $40 – $95 per session. Makai’s clients range from those looking to fulfill their entire fitness routine through the studio, to those who are looking to complement their other fitness passions with the balance and strength of Pilates.

To find more information on Makai Fitness visit, or contact them at 380 Junipero Ave - Suite 202, Long Beach, CA 90814 |

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