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Meet the Founder

Pilates instructo, experienced personal trainer, and owner of Makai Fitness

Eden Paul

Hi, I'm Eden Paul, founder and owner of Makai Fitness! I am an experienced personal trainer, group fitness instructor and manager, gym and studio manager, health coach, and mother. 


I have always been an advocate of all things fitness, as I believe it is the thing that helps all areas of life. Because of this I have and do enjoy my dedicated career in the fitness world, specifically in Long Beach.


My mother was one of the original teachers of Jazzercise and then DanceFit (her own local business in Long Beach), and I would participate in the Belmont Shore Pancake Breakfast events when here  visiting  during the summers.


I was born in LA and  raised in Oregon by my amazing and athletic father and family. Growing up I was always driven and an athlete, specifically playing Volleyball and Basketball, where I maintained the MVP title for many seasons and off seasons working in Nordstrom. 


With fitness born into my blood and through many careers in the fitness industry, I find myself here - opening Makai Fitness!

Fitness Experience

After graduating I ended up in Long Beach and continued to lift weights and workout as my form of socialization while working for Toyota Motor Sales Corporate offices in Torrance, CA - in financial planning, and going to school at night. After many years in school and a tough realization that Corporate America may not be the best fit, I accidentally became a step instructor when my regular instructor had an emergency and was unable to teach a class at Gold's Gym Long Beach. The rest became history. I continued to work for Gold's Gym, branching into Group Fitness, teaching Step, Cycle, Strength, Pilates; then personal training and management of multiple programs for multiple Gold's Gyms. I even competed locally in a natural bodybuilding competition in 1998. In addition, I developed programming for LBUSD teachers, was the strength and conditioning coach for Cabrillo High School for two seasons, and developed the strength lab for Lincoln High School in San Diego. Then after 25 years I decided to step into a General Manager role at Gold's Gym, before taking on an outside role for Iconix Fitness/Olympix Fitness start-up as Operations Director and Group Fitness Manager.  

Pilates Experience

Where did PILATES enter the picture you are wondering? This happened in 1999, while still with Gold's Gym, 6 months after I had my first child, and as a recruit of John Garey Pilates and Fitness for his studio just opening. After a few years of experience I ventured into becoming an Instructor Trainer for STOTT Pilates and since I have taught 100’s of instructor students throughout Long Beach and across the world. I hold a full certification from STOTT Pilates, no small feat, and I have attended additional workshops including Injuries and Special Populations. In addition, I have a certification through Balanced Bodies and AFAA Mat Science, and I have assisted in the development of programming with, Moira Merrithew, originator of STOTT Pilates in Canada. I have also incorporated my Pilates experience with my personal training style to deliver safe, effective movement, helping a range of people to connect with their bodies as it applies to their life. I have trained NFL athletes, Motocross and Indy car professionals, an Oscar winning actress, many movie personalities, High school football teams, and all types of people and bodies. Overall, my experience has been incredibly diverse. 


ACE Personal Trainer

MADDOG Spinning & SPIN Power Certification

LES Mills - Body Pump, Body Flow, Body Combat, CX Worx, GRIT




IIN - Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Long Beach & Family

What am I most proud of? My family and the legacy of working and living in Long Beach since 1991. I am a proud mom of three children. My first born, Kealii, is now an adult that went through the LBUSD system as a student, Volleyball Athlete, and applied the Long Beach Promise to his education through LBCC, where he played Volleyball as is finishing at CSULB. He is following his passions and living locally. My two youngest are still in the LBUSD program and headed to middle school and high school. My daughter is headed to Volleyball (she loves her big brother) and my younger son is a gymnastics fiend. 

I know and love my community. I have lived in all areas of Long Beach and enjoy the diversity for myself and my family. My husband and our children - all together 7 (4 him, 3 me) are the pride and joy that drives everything.  

Reflecting on my career is a hard one - it’s gone by so fast. I believe in taking each person as they come and leaving them better by their design, with my support.


STOTT Pilates - Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac chair and barrel.  

STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer - Matwork and Reformer Pilates

STOTT Pilates - Injuries and Special Populations

BALANCED Bodies - Reformer and Matwork

AFAA- MatScience


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