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Mindful Movement: A Guide to Reformer Pilates for beginners


First of all, what is a reformer in pilates?

Joseph Pilates created the reformer and its benefits originally to help soldiers in WWI rehabilitate from their injuries. He evolved the practice to help all people create a body that is supported from the core to the peripheral (i.e. arms and legs).


One of the obstacles of starting reformer pilates is the whole reason we do it - the actual reformer. The reformer has a dual purpose to make things more forgiving and to challenge you. That is one of the most beautiful things about the practice.

So how do you start at Makai?

With an open mind and a Reformer Essentials class. This class is designed to help a beginner move through the knowledge of how the equipment is set up, your body on it for proper placement and different positions to create the best benefit for YOUR body as you move.

There are so many things you have available to do on the reformer and other pilates equipment. It is important to point out that pilates is for beginners and professionals and we teach to all levels. There are over 600 exercises and variations to choose from, which will enable you to progress from being a beginner to benefitting from many layers and progressions that advance movements.

Our goal at Makai is to take each body as we receive it and leave it better. We pride in our instructors being STOTT PILATES trained and certified as our foundation to programming designed to encourage all levels and stages to practice. We know you are in a group environment and work diligently to deliver the engaged cues and modifications to help everyone feel progress and success.

All levels are welcome and we work with the group formats to improve technique of exercises so that you are able to increase your journey with movement in a way that provides the foundations of position and range while challenging the classic and modified movements of pilates.

When learning and practicing pilates it's most important to keep in mind the following things:

  • Mobility and stability over pace as you start your journey

  • Begin in tension free positions so that you receive benefits faster

  • Focus on your progress, reflect on where you are and where you are going

  • Follow our motto: Progress over Perfection

Which are some of the benefits of doing pilates on the reformer?

  • In every class, you'll work out a variety of muscles.

  • Get stronger, more flexible, and more resistant.

  • As you strengthen all your core muscles, you will improve your balance and stability.

During each class at Makai, you will benefit from a variety of teaching styles with the common bond of STOTT PILATES as a foundation. More to come about all of these. 

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