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Health Coaching

What is a Health Coach?

A health coach is a mentor or guide who help clients take control of their health. Our health coaches provide support by focusing on the individual - since no two people are alike, there is no one-size-fits-all diet, exercise, or life plan. As your health coaches, we help you discover how to feel your best, by supporting your experimentation with nutrition, movement, and other life changes. We help you see the bigger picture, so you can understand your health and wellness from a holistic point of view. 

Having a health coach is like having your own, personal wellness cheerleader. Whether you are struggling with chronic health issues or just want to make positive lifestyle changes, we are here to help you identify the steps towards your goals and support you all along the way.

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Still have questions? Book a 15-minute call or get started by booking your free 50-minute consultation!

How It Works


We help you get to the root of any health issues by looking at the bigger picture of health. 

We help you identify any self-sabotaging behaviors or habits. 

We help you uncover what is really holding you back from positive change


After bringing underlying issues to the conscious mind, we help you set realistic goals and determine the necessary action steps to attain them. 

We listen and help you figure out the best strategies and actions steps that help keep you on track towards your goals. 


Our individualized approach to health, supports the unique YOU. You are the catalyst for change in your life, we are just your support system. 

We are here every step of the way to guide you in your wellness journey towards positive lifestyle change!

Health Coaching is for you if:

You want to prioritize and regain control over your health

You feel like you are being misunderstood

by other health care professionals

You have a specific health issue that you need help solving

You want to improve your sleep and energy levels 

You have been instructed to exercise, eat healthy, and sleep better, but don't know where to start or what that looks like for you

You want to be more knowledgable in the grocery store, in the kitchen, in your relationships, and in the gym

You just need some extra support and accountability  when it comes to making decisions to promote your well-being

You are unable to understand or control your food cravings, or other cravings and additions. 

You're overwhelmed with the amount differing information online about health

You are ready to put yourself first and commit to your health and wellness!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to bring for classes?
    Grip socks required for all equipment classes - available for purchase in studio. ​ For Yoga and Matwork classes, please bring your own mat or be prepared to pay a rental fee to borrow a mat in studio. ​ We recommend wearing athletic apparel and bringing a water bottle for hydration.
  • What should I do if I booked a class or session, but can no longer make it?
    Our cancellation policy requires cancellation at least 12 hours prior to the start time to avoid losing the session or being charged. We do not accommodate late cancellations, so please book accordingly!
  • What if I am late or miss a class or session?
    Late arrivals beyond 10 minutes into the start of class will be denied entry into the class and will result in loss of session. Absence from a class or session without advance notice or cancellation will result in loss of session and $15-20 charge. This is determined by membership or package type.
  • What if I am brand new to Reformer Pilates?
    If you do not have any experience using the Stott Pilates Reformers, we highly suggest booking a private consultation to get familiar with the equipment and ensure safety during group classes. We suggest purchasing the Newbie Package that includes a one-on-one consultation and two Reformer Essentials classes. This package will save you money and get you ready for other group reformer classes!
  • Can I bring food into the studio?
    We appreciate keeping any food or drink, other than water, outside of the studio. We have many beautiful outdoor spaces for you to enjoy your snacks, meals, and coffee!
  • Is a health coach different from a nutritionist? How is health coaching different from receiving medical care from a doctor?
    As health coaches, we are your mentors and guides on your wellness journey. We help you discover the best wellness practices that work for YOU. While we provide information and support, we DO NOT prescribe any diets, exercises, or medications.
  • Why are all programs 6 months?
    All of our health coaching programs are 6 months long because we believe that is the minimum amount of time for true transformation. You may see/feel results sooner than 6 months, but this time allows us to help you through hurdles that will inevitably arise. For example, let's say you get the results you want, but then soon fall off track and return to your old behaviors/habits. With the 6-month program, we'll be right there to help you get back on track!
  • What is the free consultation call?
    The consultation call is a 50-minute initial session, where we simply get to know each other! This is your opportunity to let us know the areas of your life you are wanting some support in and what goals you are wanting to achieve. We provide you with any information you'd like to understand about our health coaching practice and we also break down each program for you to help you decide what is right for you. Based on what we conclude, we may send you home with some self-discovery homework and get you started right away!
  • Which program is right for me?
    To find out the best program for you, we suggest booking your free consultation call. During this session, we will get an overall understanding of your health history and your goals. Once we have an understanding of what you are wanting to accomplish and what you are willing to put in to get there, we can help you decide which program is right for you!

Didn't get your question answered? Click here to contact us or book a call at the link below!

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